What we do

Wide range
of FX services

Starting with the development of a platform for domestic FX margin trading, eventually progressing to the handling of all FX transactions of the SBI group. The company continues to leverage the latest technologies to develop new FX products and services.

FX Trading Platform

We provide multi-functioned trading platform including pricing and execution for local FX brokers.

Global expansion

The company currently services clients in Korea and Hong Kong, and will continue to expand the provision of FX services beyond Asia.

Center of the FX transactions of the SBI group

SBILM aggregates and optimizes all FX-related transactions (FX, foreign currency investment, hedging etc.) of the SBI group.

Enhancement of FX related products

We implement new services such as saving-type products and options in order to pursue additional possibility of expand the FX related offering.

Leveraging Cutting-edge technologies

We always look to implement advanced offerings by using new technologies such as block-chain, AI or big-data analysis.

Domestic OTC FX margin trading system & liquidity provision services

With enactment of the amended Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act in 1998, over-the-counter FX margin trading has seen remarkable growth in recent years. On the back of strong customer demands, FX has become both an asset class and a critical means of asset management. We offer a FX market platform with transparency, competitive spreads, and abundant liquidity at all times. We also provide user-friendly trading systems for individual investors to access FX markets in a reliable and convenient manner.

A Competitively-priced, stable, and comprehensive FX trading platform

Provision of FX liquidity services to global financial institutions

We provide abundant liquidity and a reliable and stable trading platform to domestic FX firms and other global clients.

Example of Clients: (Japan) TRADERS SECURITES Co., Ltd., Gaitame.Com Co., Ltd., Central Tanshi FX Co.,Ltd., (Korea, supported by SBI FX Trade) Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. and others

Coordinating FX transactions of the SBI Group

SBI LM aggregates and optimizes all FX-related transactions (foreign currency procurement, hedging etc.) of the SBI Group.

Clients: SBI Holdings, SBI Securities, SBI Remit (overseas remittance), SBI Bond Investment Management (Investment manager), BYFX Global Co., Ltd. (supported by SBI FX Trade)

Developing new FX products and services, Innovating with the latest technologies

Developing new types of FX products (i.e. savings-type and options-type products) and services. The company continually improves the quality of FX services by leveraging the IT strengths of the SBI Group, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data.

Our unique features


Abundant liquidity with class-leading counterparty depth


Creating a stable and competitive FX platform by aggregating the liquidity of SBI Group and external clients


Development and deployment of core FX systems with our in-house team of specialists


Risk management in line with the [Global Code of Conduct] and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act


Diverse professionals with financial markets expertise